Chapter 20 Reflections

There is no doubt that poverty today is a serious and real problem in the United States and other countries. There was cream at the top of the of the doorstep delivered milk back then and it’s a grand analogy of what goes on in the income world. The wealthy upper twenty percent of people by far get the cream of the money and yesterday’s and today’s poor get at best, sour milk. There are three possible sources of poverty; unemployment, a lack of earnings ability, and perhaps the individual choice to do or not do something about their predicament of poverty.
The cream received almost half of all U.S. income in 2011 while corresponding bottom feeders of 20% received less than for percent.
There are problems in measuring the incomes of the lowest income group. Income may be only temporarily low (as in my present case) and situations transitory. The true incomes of many of those with very low measured incomes are actually greater than the data indicate because individuals earn income they don’t report since doing so might reduce their eligibility for cash and in-kind transfers. Minimum wage laws, welfare, negative income tax and In-kind transfers are boons for the poor and certainly reduce poverty but we need a better redistribution of our country’s wealth. Jesus said, “You will always have the poor…”. This was and is true. But the money cream must be more equality separated and the income pie better divided in our land.


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